Yahoo Manners

The Yahoo: Intended hardships?

During midsummer (June-July) 2011 the became gradually worse. It all began with a message claiming that Yahoo was in the process of being 'upgraded' and so would become faster and better.
       In fact the opposite became true: the site developed into something infuriatingly slow and data-heavy. Popular elements (like cartoons) became deported to 'distant corners' and was no more readily available, while they grew deadly sluggish. The most common activity at Yahoo appeared to be wasting time.
       At a time Yahoo strongly recommended installing some additions to the browser (In my case: FireFox) to make it more fit for the 'New Yahoo'. At first I tried some of those -- and things got worse! Visiting Yahoo became a matter of waiting ... and waiting ... so I gave it up and started to shy away from the site.

I am and have for many many years, however, been a keen user of Yahoo.mail, where I gradually since 2011 have encountered the same deteriorations in performance until today (March 2013), when it is, at my faithful PC, close-to-impossible to log on to Yahoo. Now I just wish I was able to simply download all my mail and totally forget of Yahoo.

We could name the symptoms 'The Microsoft Syndrome', since they are matching the ones PC-users have over time suffered going from the Windows 3 (demanding 8 Mb discspace) via several shady versions to the todays monolith (Windows 8) taking up in excess of 32 Gb discspace and really not doing any better -- but the hell of a lot slower -- than the vs. 3!

Every day I wonder, why updated versions of programs running under Microsoft Windows® have to be so big, so clumsy and so devoid of good, old, useful functions. Are the Microsoft people busy in annoying its customers and is the Yahoo out in the same business?